Water leak and evacuation of F-tower

Early this morning, an apartment building on Carolina van Nassaustraat was evacuated due to a massive water leak.

The leak is believed to have occurred around four o’clock on the eleventh floor of the building. It is likely due to a burst water pipe.

Fire brigade units from Archipel and Leidschendam-Voorburg stations were initially alerted just after four o’clock.

Because it’s a major leak, with water flowing over multiple floors, it was decided to evacuate the building around five o’clock. Due to the coordination between emergency services, a Grip-1 situation has been declared.

All homes in the F-Tower of the building have been evacuated. The residents are being accommodated in a nearby NH hotel.

Update 08:15: The water supply for the entire block has been shut off. Due to the risk of short-circuiting, the electricity in the residential tower where the leak occurred has also been turned off. The leak was sealed around 6:30.

The repair of the leak, as well as the inspection and drying of the electrical installations, are expected to take a long time.

Update 21:00: The propertymanager of Schep (landlord) will be present during the coming week in the Laundry at CvN 165. She’s available to answer questions.