Mandatory household contents and personal liability insurance

Response Bouwinvest to frequently asked tenants question, mailing 21 December 2023

Am I required to take out household contents and personal liability insurance when I rent a Bouwinvest property?

Yes, you are. As soon as you agree to rent a home via Bouwinvest, you need to sort out the appropriate insurance. After all, accidents can happen when you least expect them. Having insurance means you are covered for the damage caused by a fire or a leak – and that everything will be repaired and paid for – and for any damage you might cause to someone else’s property. So if you have not yet taken out insurance, please do so now!

LED & motion sensors in halls

Response Bouwinvest to tenants question, mailing 21 December 2023

At Bouwinvest, we follow up every idea our tenants come up with to go greener. That means we looked into replacing the permanent lighting in the communal areas with a lighting system based on sensors.

But we discovered that the led lighting uses so little electricity there were very few advantages to using the sensors. In addition, it would not be very sustainable to replace the current led lights with a whole new system. In short, it’s a good idea but not at the moment because the benefits would not boost sustainability or help you financially.

General Assembly of Members December 15th

The General Assembly of Members is coming up on December 15, 2023. It will be held at the NH Hotel conference center in room Eindhoven-1 from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM.

Below is the agenda:

  1. Opening at 7:00 PM by the chairman
  2. Agenda
  3. Minutes of the previous meeting
  4. 2022 kitchen remodeling
  5. Lawsuit regarding unfair rent clause
  6. Service costs for 2022/2023
  7. Emergency situation in the F-tower (flooding)
  8. Any other business
  9. Closure at 8:30 PM

Following that, there will be a drinks reception for all Prinsenhof residents (both members and non-members) from 8:30 PM to 10:00 PM. This will take place on the inner terrace of the NH Hotel.

Members’ questions regarding service charges, etc.

On Sunday, November 12, 2023, the tenants’ association sent a 13-page letter to Schep Vastgoedmanagers (SV) with questions from the members of the tenants’ association regarding the service charge settlement and forecast, as well as a number of other questions.

The letter (*in Dutch*) can be shared with members in pdf format at the request of members. Go to “Ask a question” on the home-page of this website.

The questions raised will be discussed in the autumn consultation of the tenants’ association with SV on 21 November 2023. The intention is to give the members of the tenants’ association an update on results in the General Assembly of 15 December in the WTC.

Afterwards there will be a residents’ drink where non-members are also welcome. This will be announced in more detail at the beginning of December in the announcement boxes on the ground floor near the lifts.

Update on Water Damage in the F Tower

October 27, 2023: A board member of the tenants’ association visited an apartment in the F Tower that has been affected by water damage. During this visit, an update was obtained from the residents about the current situation and the handling of the damage.

November 3, 2023: The board of the tenants’ association had a meeting with two residents of the F Tower. This meeting was focused on discussing the events during and after the hot water calamity on September 2, 2023. Possible next steps were discussed.

We will provide you with further information about the progress and planned actions as soon as possible.

Landlord & Illegal Clause in Lease Contract

The tenants’ association is reviewing the ruling from the Amsterdam District Court dated August 3, 2023. The court ruled that a rent increase clause (*) set by landlord Bouwinvest must be wholly disregarded. It was found to be unfair under the European Directive on unfair contract terms.

As a result, the historical rent increases – regardless of the percentage applied – have become unlawful. And if the article is not amended, future rent increases also seem to become illegal. This issue has very much our attention.

(*) An additional 5% (or 2.5%) rent increase as stipulated in the lease contract.

The halloween participating homes are here !

October 31st has arrived, Halloween!

The following house numbers are participating. This list will be updated until the 31st.

Prinses MarijkestraatCarolina van Nassaustraat
131 (new)
157 (new)
197 (new)
203 (new)
233 (new)
249 (new)
281 (new)

updated October 31st

If a number is incorrect, please let us know via –>  Ask a question

Halloween is coming (October 31st) !

Check the updated list of participating homes HERE

It’s that ghoulish time of year where ghosts and goblins roam our hallways in search of treats! Let’s create a safe and delightful trick-or-treating experience for the kids in our building.

If you’re planning to welcome little monsters for trick-or-treating, please inform us by filling out the form below! We are compiling a list of house numbers where our tiny ghouls can stop by for treats to ensure a fun and safe Halloween for everyone.

We’ll publish the housenumbers before/on Monday 30th of October in the notification boxes near the elevators so everyone participating knows where to ring the doorbell.

Safety First: Ensure all treats are pre-packaged. Let’s keep our festivities frightful and our interactions delightful!

Please remember to respect the wishes of neighbors who choose not to participate. If a unit is not on the published list, kindly move to the next participating home.

Thank you for helping to make Halloween a spooktacular event for all our residents!


Water leak and evacuation of F-tower

Early this morning, an apartment building on Carolina van Nassaustraat was evacuated due to a massive water leak.

The leak is believed to have occurred around four o’clock on the eleventh floor of the building. It is likely due to a burst water pipe.

Fire brigade units from Archipel and Leidschendam-Voorburg stations were initially alerted just after four o’clock.

Because it’s a major leak, with water flowing over multiple floors, it was decided to evacuate the building around five o’clock. Due to the coordination between emergency services, a Grip-1 situation has been declared.

All homes in the F-Tower of the building have been evacuated. The residents are being accommodated in a nearby NH hotel.

Update 08:15: The water supply for the entire block has been shut off. Due to the risk of short-circuiting, the electricity in the residential tower where the leak occurred has also been turned off. The leak was sealed around 6:30.

The repair of the leak, as well as the inspection and drying of the electrical installations, are expected to take a long time.

Update 21:00: The propertymanager of Schep (landlord) will be present during the coming week in the Laundry at CvN 165. She’s available to answer questions.

Tenant satisfaction survey is coming

Next week (the week of September 4th), the annual, large-scale tenant satisfaction survey will start again!

This is your chance as a tenant to let Bouwinvest (the owner of your property) know what your experience is in the areas of living comfort, safety, livability, sustainability, and residential enjoyment.

The execution of the survey is carried out by an external research agency, Customeyes. Next week, you can receive an email from Customeyes containing a link to the online questionnaire.

Consider your experiences with the kitchen renovation, repairs and maintenance of your home, but also public spaces such as elevators, entrance doors repairs (like glass replacement or automatic door openers) , and timely information provision. Your feedback is very valuable.