Rights of tenants’ associations

Tenant Associations have various rights (Source: Rijksoverheid)

  • Information Right: the right to receive information from the landlord, for example about demolition plans, maintenance of homes, and rent prices.
  • Consultation Right: means that landlords must consult with tenants on certain matters. They are required to do this at least once a year, and it can also occur on request or when there are policy changes.
  • Advisory Right: gives tenants the right to provide written advice on a landlord’s proposed policy.
  • Agenda-setting Right: with this, tenants can place topics on the consultation agenda.
  • Approval Right: a landlord needs prior permission from the tenants association for changes to the service charge policy.
  • Compensation Right: A tenants association has the right to a reimbursement from the landlord for the costs of all tasks they take on. This includes, for example, meeting costs and expenses for training and support.