Halloween is coming (October 31st) !

Check the updated list of participating homes HERE

It’s that ghoulish time of year where ghosts and goblins roam our hallways in search of treats! Let’s create a safe and delightful trick-or-treating experience for the kids in our building.

If you’re planning to welcome little monsters for trick-or-treating, please inform us by filling out the form below! We are compiling a list of house numbers where our tiny ghouls can stop by for treats to ensure a fun and safe Halloween for everyone.

We’ll publish the housenumbers before/on Monday 30th of October in the notification boxes near the elevators so everyone participating knows where to ring the doorbell.

Safety First: Ensure all treats are pre-packaged. Let’s keep our festivities frightful and our interactions delightful!

Please remember to respect the wishes of neighbors who choose not to participate. If a unit is not on the published list, kindly move to the next participating home.

Thank you for helping to make Halloween a spooktacular event for all our residents!